From researching the costs of building work to hair extensions, online searches for anything related to costs can be very overwhelming. This is where the idea of came to light and our goal is to provide credible advice that’s clear, well-researched and written by those that are either experts or enthusiasts within the industry. Our team are experts and enthusiasts in a wide range of industries and are able to provide their first-hand experience that’s evident throughout the website.

Our Editorial Team

At, our editorial team is currently made up of only four people but we are constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic content creators that are experts or enthusiastic within certain industries.

Each member of the team takes all of the content posted on the website very seriously and are subject matter experts with plenty of real-world knowledge and experience. The content that’s created by our team is also extensively reviewed with several quality checks carried out before its posited. We do this to ensure the content is accurate, trustworthy, up to date and the best possible resource for the topic. To read more about our team and anything else about the website, please visit our about page.

Article Structure is dedicated to one main type of content and that’s to inform its readers of the costs of services and products. As stated above, our goal is to make the content clear and easy to understand. Therefore, on every article, you’ll be able to find a button that displays the expected costs. However, for those wanting further information, our articles also include the following:

  • A detailed description of the expected costs
  • Factors that affect the costs
  • Explanation of how to do the service (i.e. plaster a wall)
  • Background information about the product or service
  • Pros and cons of the product or service
  • Ways to cut the costs
  • Citations
  • … and many other sections where applicable

It’s important to note that we only create content regarding the costs of products or services and nothing else. After all, the website is called!

A Trusted Source

Due to the vast amount of websites that talk about costs online, it can be difficult to decide who to trust. However, at, we are experts in researching the costs of various products and services. This is because our team either works or are enthusiasts in various industries. From renovating properties to working in hair and beauty, our team is very varied and our real-world experience and knowledge is what makes our content so trustworthy.

Fact Checking

Although we are experts and enthusiasts within certain industries, there are certain statements and important information that can be found on reputable websites. Therefore, to ensure our commitment to content integrity, we’ll reference these sources in our content. Due to the nature of “costs”, we also attempt to check our stated costs against those offering the service or product.

References & Sources

To ensure the costs we state on our website are accurate, we fact-check them with the most current primary reference.

For example, for the cost to replace a boiler, we’ll reference the costs from multiple plumbers/heating engineers from various areas of the UK. This can be found within the “Citations” section of 0ur articles.

It’s worth pointing out that tend to favour sources that are reputable and based in the UK.

Up-To Date

Anyone that visits will want the current costs of any service or product and we make it one of our goals to ensure that this is the case. Therefore, if a product or service has changed by a great deal, we will update our content as soon as possible. We continuously read through and update our articles and this is to ensure that our content is reflective of the most current research, guidelines and statistics. If you notice that any of costs our outdated or not a true reflection of the real-world, please get in touch!

Getting In Touch

If you have any suggestions regarding our content or editorial process, please get in touch upon our contact page or directly by emailing We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 working hours.

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