How Much Does A CCTV Drain Survey Cost

How Much Does A CCTV Drain Survey Cost?

To help determine if you have any issues with your drains such as damage, misalignment or a blockage, a CCTV drain survey is highly recommended.

Whether you want a basic or full survey of your drainage system, within this article we discuss the cost of a CCTV drain survey and all the factors that impact it.

Fact: The responsibility for maintaining the majority of drains falls on property owners, not the local government or water authorities

What Is A CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey is a non-invasive method of inspecting the inside of a drain, sewer or pipeline using a camera attached to a flexible rod.

The camera used for the drain survey is equipped with lights and some providers also use a camera that’s mounted on wheels, which looks similar to a toy car (often referred to as a “crawler”). This means that it’s able to produce crystal-clear images and handle the toughest of conditions inside the drain, sewer or pipeline.

Compared to the traditional excavation method of inspecting drains, using a camera is far easier and cheaper to do. The results from a CCTV drain survey are also immediate, which can be crucial in case of any blockages, damage or misalignments in the drains.

How Much Does A CCTV Drain Survey Cost?

The cost of a CCTV drain survey is dependent upon the type of survey required, property size and if any excavation work is required.

Therefore, below is a table of the expected CCTV drain survey costs in the UK:

Survey Type & Property Size Average Cost
Basic CCTV Drain Survey (Small/Medium Property) £100-£175
Basic CCTV Drain Survey (Large Property) £200-£300
Full CCTV Drain Survey (Small/Medium Property) £200-£350
Full CCTV Drain Survey (Large Property) £400-£500
Ground Excavation (Added To The Total) £150-£300

Basic vs Full Survey

As you can see from the table above, the costs differ depending upon the type of survey.

If you don’t know the difference between the two types of surveys, in short, a basic survey usually involves the engineer explaining their findings in person via a “basic” inspection.

If you were to opt for a full, comprehensive CCTV drain survey, you’ll also get a condition report, a map of all the drains in the system as well as images and video footage.

The choice of the survey is completely up to you but if you simply want to find out what’s causing the issues with your drainage system, the basic survey is recommended.

However, if you were planning any major works (such as an extension) or have a relatively major problem with your drains, a full CCTV drain survey would be advised.

What Factors Affect The Cost of a CCTV Drain Survey?

Although the steps involved to inspect a drainage system are fairly similar between providers, several factors can affect the overall cost of the survey.


The first factor is the location of the property because a rural drainage system is going to be far simpler than busy city centre locations. For example, properties in urban areas may have more complex drainage systems that require more time and equipment to survey.

Type of Survey

As mentioned above, the type of survey that you want to be carried out on your drains will affect the cost. Therefore, if you want to keep costs down and simply want to find out the problem with your drains, a basic survey is recommended.

cost of cctv drain survey


The size of the drainage system can also impact the cost of a survey because larger systems will require more time, equipment and expertise to survey. Most providers will often base the size of the drainage system on the size of the property.


If the system is in poor condition or has experienced significant damage, this adds complexity to the survey because the camera will need to navigate through the system, which may require additional time and expertise.


If the drains are located in a hard-to-reach area or require the removal of obstacles or even excavation, this can certainly impact the cost of a CCTV drain survey.

What’s Involved In Carrying Out A Drain Survey?

1. Initial Inspection

The first step in carrying out a drain survey is to inspect the outside of the property to assess the condition and layout of the drainage system. This includes checking for any visible damage, blockages or signs of degradation.

2. Survey Preparation

Next, the surveyor will prepare for the survey by gathering the necessary equipment and safety gear. This may include cameras, laptops, protective clothing and lighting.

3. Camera Inspection

The surveyor will then insert a camera into the drain to inspect the condition of the pipes, identify any blockages and assess the overall state of the system.

drain cctv survey cost

4. Data Collection

As the camera moves through the drainage system, the surveyor will collect data and images, which are then analysed to produce a detailed report of the findings.

5. Reporting

Finally, the surveyor will compile a report that outlines the findings of the survey and that’ll likely include any recommendations for repairs or upgrades. The report may also include photographs, videos and detailed diagrams of the drainage system. However, this is dependent upon whether you chose a basic or full CCTV drain survey.

When Should You Get a Survey of Your Drains?

It’s recommended that you get a survey of your drains when you experience any kind of problem no matter how big or small. We state this because when it comes to drains, the smallest of issues can turn into much bigger problems.

Another time it’s recommended that you get your drains surveyed is when you are buying a property. This is because it’s always a good idea to have a clear understanding of the condition and layout of the drainage system before making any decisions about the property. It’s also worth noting that some mortgage lenders may require a drainage survey as part of the mortgage process.


Whether you’ve got a blockage in your drains or you are about to buy a property, a CCTV drain survey is highly recommended. If you’ve ever had issues with your drains in the past, you’ll know that sorting the problem out sooner rather than later is advised.

Hopefully our guide on the cost of a CCTV drain survey has answered all your questions but if not, feel free to get in touch and we will try to provide our assistance where possible.


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